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"Mon Parcours Psy"- The Challenges of Accessible Psychological Support for All in France

Recently, a scheme called "Mon Parcours Psy" was set up in France with the intention of bringing greater psychological care to people in distress. If you've ever felt emotions that are difficult to manage, or if you feel overwhelmed by certain situations, you're not alone. It was because of these types of psychological difficulties that this pathway was introduced to help people. Here, we'll explore what exactly "Mon Parcours Psy" is, and we'll also look at its advantages and disadvantages.


Explore the Workings of the French Mental Health System

What is "Mon Parcours Psy" ?

"Mon Parcours Psy" is a program that was designed to make psychological support more easily accessible for people facing mild to moderate psychological disorders in France. However, behind its promise of support, gaps and challenges are emerging.


The Debated Advantages of the Mental Health System


The benefits of "Mon Parcours Psy"

  • Access for The Many Although people with psychological difficulties are obliged to go through a bureaucratic process to obtain help, the program promises to facilitate access to psychological support.

  • Refunded sessions8 psychological appointments per year are promised to be reimbursed at a rate of 60% by the French social security system. The remaining 40% is covered by your mutual insurance company, if you have one.

  • For Mild Mental Health Difficulties: Difficulties linked to stress, anxiety and mild depression are to be worked on in 8 thirty-minute sessions.


Exploring the Protocol's Limitations


The Weaknesses of "Mon Parcours Psy

  • Compulsory Medical Consultation with the Family DoctorPresented as a safety measure, for some people this step can be perceived as an invasion of privacy. What's more, waiting for appointments can delay access to psychological support and aggravate symptoms.

  • Complexity of the ProcessThe need to go through several stages, including an initial assessment and referral by a GP, can be long for people who need help quickly. This complexity can discourage some from actively seeking important mental health support.

  • A Restricted Number of Sessions For many people in distress, the 8 reimbursed counselling sessions are often far too few to adequately address their problems.

  • The Amount ReimbursedThe price set by social security to cover psychologists' actual costs is considered insufficient by many professionals, which can make it difficult to find a psychologist on the scheme nearby.

  • Limited Session DurationIn reality, the 8 sessions are limited to around 30 minutes, which may be considered too little to address psychological issues in depth, and limit the effectiveness of the support offered.


Maximizing the Impact of "Mon Parcours Psy"

Balancing Psychological Support and Real Mental Health Challenges

For people in distress, "Mon Parcours Psy" offers an opportunity to receive psychological support. But it's important to recognise its limitations and challenges. While the program aims to help those who need it, many professionals agree that it's essential to remain vigilant and to continue to improve the schemes claiming to offer a solution to a problem as complex as mental health.


Feeling better about yourself often starts with asking for help, but it can also involve questioning the systems in place to make sure the needs of us all are truly met.


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How Can We Help You?

At Lieu D'Être, we're committed to helping improve mental health services for as many people as possible.

In order to provide the best quality of service at the most affordable cost for all, our rates are degressive and linked to income resources.


Please contact us to find out how we can help you. Your mental health is very precious and we want to see you thrive.

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