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 A Humanistic Approach to Psychology and Psychotherapy 

A Natural and Empowering Ressource

Focusing and Trees

A Gentle, Innate Practice

Focusing is a humanistic and client-centered approach to psychotherapy that has gained significant recognition for its efficacy in helping individuals overcome suffering and achieve personal growth. Developed by philosopher and psychologist Gene Gendlin, Focusing is grounded in the belief that we each have an inherent ability to access our own wisdom and by tuning into our internal sense of awareness we can facilitate our own development and personal healing too.


The Attentive Listening to the Wisdom of  Our Mind and Body

Focusing is an experiential process that pays particular attention to the "felt sense".


If you're wonder "what exactly is the 'felt sense' ?" in precise terms, it's a vague, preverbal awareness of our inner emotions and experiences. Put more simply though, when we listen to how our body feels, we can get in touch with the 'felt sense' and this gives us access to meaningful information about ourselves and for ourselves too.

Eugene Gendlin - Focusing is our Natural Ressouce

On the YouTube video, you'll find these buttons at the bottom.

Video Gendlin

You can then click on them to activate the subtitles and find their French translation.

This video is an original recording of Gendlin.

Note that the suggested French translation of 'Focusing' in the subtitles is a mistake.

'Concentration' is not the correct term in French. In French, we use the term 'Le Focusing'.

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Gendlin - The Pioneer of Focusing

Focusing was first identified and developed by Eugene Gendlin, working alongside Carl Rogers. Wondering why some people progressed more quickly in therapy than others, Gendlin investigated the reasons. The results of his research showed that those who achieved the best results in therapy did not remain at a rational, superficial level. On the contrary, they had developed a natural ability to connect deeply with their feelings and to give them meaning. This ability had no name, and Gendlin called it "Focusing".

focusing tree - new growth.jpeg

Focusing: Reconnecting the Mind and the Body

One of the first psychologists to stress the fundamental link between our mind and body, Gendlin entitled his first book Focusing: How to gain access to your body's knowledge. As a result, Focusing was one of the very first somatic approaches to psychology.

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