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The Guardians of Ethics for Psychopractitioners and Psychotherapists

Updated: Mar 2

Professional Organisations of Counsellors, Psychopractitioners and Psychotherapists

In France, professional organisations bring together counsellors, psychopractitioners and psychotherapists. The reason for their existence is to act as safeguards by establishing ethical and professional standards, promoting the interests of the profession and offering resources and support to psychotherapy practitioners.

The Role and Importance of Psychopractitioner and Psychotherapist Associations

Organisations such as the SNPpsy (Syndicat National des Psychopraticiens et Psychothérapeutes) and the FFP2 (Fédération Française de Psychothérapie et Psychanalyse) play an important role in regulating and promoting the practice of psychotherapy in France. Working to establish high ethical and professional standards for their members, they also work towards raising public awareness of the benefits of psychotherapy and the importance of consulting qualified mental health professionals.

By becoming a member of these groups guarantees that psychopractitioners are serious and do good work, because a practitioner who joins one undertakes to respect strict ethical and professional standards. On becoming a member, practitioners promise to follow very important rules, so for those who consult them, this provides a guarantee of their competence, ethics and their reliability.


On such organisation of which I am a member, the SNPpsy, provides assurance as to the qualifications of the psychopractitioner. This association requires that its members have undergone in-depth, validated training in the field of psychotherapy which assures clients that the practitioner has the skills and knowledge to be able to help them effectively.


What's more, being part of a professional organisation demonstrates a psychopractitioner's commitment to ongoing professional development since members are often required to undergo ongoing training and keep up to date with the latest advances in the field of psychotherapy. This means that clients can benefit from an up-to-date service based on best practice.


All of this can strengthen your confidence when it comes to making your choice of which psychopractitioner to consult in the mental health professional in France.

Psychopractitioner, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychoanalyst and even psychiatrist - what's the difference?
How to Choose your Psy in France

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