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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy helps couples who are navigating challenges in their relationship by providing a safe, supportive and confidential space to explore their difficulties. 

What is Couples Therapy ?

Couples therapy is a process. Sometimes people get stuck in the shade of their difficulties and find it hard to see a way forward together.  A therapist can help them unravel the complex knots that might have formed in their relationship. 

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What is a Person Centred Approach to Couples Therapy ? 

Guided by the person-centered approach, Couples therapy at Lieu D’Être draws on empathy, understanding and clarity provided by the therapist who aims to act as a compass whilst partners navigate their troubles. The therapist aims to help each person gain better insight into areas that have become sources of strain for them. 

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How does it work ?

At Lieu D’Être we offer a space for couples to openly share their feelings and experiences, so that they can look at the undercurrents of their relationship. Difficulties may arise individually and also within the couple as a whole. So, Couples Therapy promotes both self-discovery and growth which lead to deeper connections. This can support couples whilst they discover how to have healthier communication, a better understanding of relational roles and to see how to strengthen bonds between them.

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